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iTRAP: Taking Risks and Prospering - 6 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles that Deter You From Taking Risks

Taking risks is necessary to move forward in life. There are too many people today who dream about that job, that house, that new hairstyle or even sending that "I Love You" text that has probably been sitting in draft text messages for weeks.

The Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines Risk as: the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen. Too often, we (because I too am guilty), have associated the word risk with the negative outcome. My ideal definition of risk does not focus solely on the negative connotation of the word. In fact the StilettoBawse defines risk as: the possibility of a desired outcome upon developing an idea, or a from an occurrence of a series of events.

Too many times it can become way too easy to just stick to the things that we are all comfortable with, "The Norm". It's so much easier to wake up and go to a job (that you may hate), than it is to move onto a new one. I must admit, that I too was once certain that my…
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BBHMM!!!: How to Reclaim YOUR Finances and "Secure the Bag" in 2018

Last week, I wrote about New Year Resolutions and offered some practical advice for helping you stick to your resolutions and ultimately achieving those goals. The most commonly expressed NYR is usually saving more money, or managing personal finances better. Today, I'm going to share with you the BES Tips for better money management and introduce to you the StilettoBawse Saving Scheme!

One thing that I have learned in my earlier 20's, is the importance of saving. Not just for rainy days, but it feels good when you are in charge of your finances and not the other way around. And lets forbid that we do have another economic downturn, a plan B is always necessary. Andddddd besides.... living paycheck to paycheck is NOT cutting it in this day and age... Seriously guys, I cannot.

A healthy financial life is not all about how much you make, its about how well you are able to manage your finances and save. Here's how I have maintained control of my finances, which also permits …

New Year New Me!: Why New Year Resolutions Fail and How to Set SMARTER Goals!

It's almost 2018, and it's time for the "New Year, New Me's"........

At the beginning of every calendar year social media timelines are flooded with long cliche quotes on Instagram and Facebook captions where the masses tends to publicise their goals, but in reality never really make any real progress.

"I'm going to lose weight." "I'm going to work on my attitude." "I want to make more money." - Oh, This one has been recycled since the Great Depression of the 1930's... No seriously guys...

The start of a new year is the ideal time to set goals, and start a new chapter in you life. But why do new year resolutions fail?

The first few weeks are usually great. The gyms are packed to capacity, and the church pews are occupied from end to end. The "New Me" is off to a great start. However, many persons tend to revert to their old behaviours and mindsets by February, or for the stronger willed, at the beginning of spri…